January 25, 2012


Falling. A state in which we all find ourselves at times. We must be fascinated with this sensation. After all, it can be exhilarating. But also, something we never want to do.

Falling is as wonderful as the realization of something I have to tell you. What we love we should love now. We rarely age well at all. Too many seconds spent gazing at the wall. Not enough glances to the other side of the bed. But if our strategies don't change, we'll gaze longer and longer at the northern lights. If we open our eyes, once, the world will never let us forget. There is no way to blot out the sun, not with our anger or desires for hatred. Warmth steals across my face because dawn is whispering secrets in my ear. You steal a glance because your face is cold and I can't help but smile. Have we really been alive all this time? No, never. But it begins today. Dawn has left us but the day is rising. Jump, and scream for joy, falling.

I once saw a brilliant production of The Wake by Lisa Kron in Los Angeles. My favorite lines sums up this mysterious sensation. "Until you hit the ground, falling is a lot like flying." Here's to not hitting the ground.



  1. Falling is awesome when it's from 30 feet up down into a river. Try it sometime. ;)

  2. 10-20 ft. maybe. THEN I absolutely love cliff diving :)