January 8, 2012

A Sales Pitch of Sorts

If you haven't given God a try yet, you really should. He's so wonderful it's hard to believe. I think that's one of the barriers between us and God. I like to think He's really pretty simple. He loves us. And He wants us to love him back. That's it! There's also all this other great stuff like giving His life for us and helping us whenever we ask. My mother, a very wonderful woman who lives her life by grace, told me last night that God is just waiting for us to trust Him. As soon as we trust Him with our lives, great things will begin to happen. Why? Because God will never let us down. Never. Pretty amazing when you stop to think about it.

Lately I've been struggling with my faith, but I can't help always coming back to this. God is just so great. Why wouldn't we want Him in our lives? Sometimes things are just bad. And I'll take all the help I can get.

Sometimes I just pray that God will be merciful. I wish I had the heart to love like Him. There is so much of life that is a blind prayer. Grasping in the dark has often been my way. There's no deal you can make to save your soul. Only a prayer that life will be merciful. And that our Lord will show us our worth before we are ruined from searching.
Like a sun kiss
You mend my tattered being
My soul you drench in water
My heart you soak in wine
You speak to me in words of love
That only can be Thine.

So, my dear friends. Take a shot at God and then realize you are happy.