January 1, 2012

Hey Rachel, why don't you write something?

Well blogger, here I am. I have debated you for a long time now and I finally caved. New year and all. Making all sorts of exciting plans for myself. Writing regularly just had to be one of them. I've heard it's good for you, your soul, your "ness" I guess. Right now I just have a folder entitled "Hey Rachel, why don't you write something." This is a little more refined and official. Anyhoo, you might be wondering about the title of my blog. Iridescent. It might just sound like "shiny" but it actually has a bit of a deeper definition than that.

Thank God.

"Displaying a spectrum of colors that shimmer and change due to interference and scattering as the observer's position changes" There you have it. The word may not seem like much, but if you tilt your head and check out the light a bit more, you may just find something in the interference worth peering at. So, in this blog I'll be 'observing' and 'remarking' as my position changes in life. I might also throw in some extra tidbits, like...music, food, wine, theatre and other fun flavors. See you round!



  1. I knew what "iridescent" meant. Before you blogged it.

    J/k. Looking forward to this :)

  2. Yeah, I caved too. You follow me and I'll follow you.

    That ended up sounding more like a threat than I wanted.

  3. Haha, Suzanne. You got it. The threat worked.