February 11, 2012

So...what now?

Does it seem like we're always waiting on the next thing? Anyone? Better job (or just A job, in my case) better car, next big thing, etc.

You know what? I don't really want to live like that anymore. Because all these "nexts" are not the only thing we have to look forward to. We could try being ok with where we are right now. This actually takes a lot more effort than you think. I, for one, am always looking forward to the next thing. Sometimes seems like I'm never satisfied. How selfish. It's so. Selfish. So, if I'm impatient and I want a situation to be different than it is, I need to try and savor the level it's at now. You know why? Because there will always come a day when you will look back on what was once a "next" thing. And by then, it's over. What we love, we should love now. Love it how it is, wherever you are.

To be happy now..


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