January 5, 2012

First Things First

One of my favorite things to do is to have adventures. Now, this may sound generic, but wait till you hear what kind of adventures! To me, many things have adventurous potential. And while climbing Mount Everest, swimming the English Channel, and African safaris are popularly thought of as "adventures," they are a little insurmountable for me. I'd rather not spend years preparing for my "adventure." How dull! I say, let's get on with it! Even if I ever reached the top of Mount Everest, I would probably fall off. I do enjoy swimming, but let's be realistic. I like a nice lap pool or perhaps a pleasant lake. I dearly love the idea of a safari, but I have a few unmanageable fears that would render safari travel quite difficult. So, dear reader, what shall we venture to do? I'm pretty simple. I love trips. Where? You name it. Let's go run an errand! Or wander into the woods and shoot some glass bottles. What matters most is whom I'm with. Boring or exciting, if you are willing to brave them with me, I'm game. Might as well make our often mundane lives as exciting as possible. Even if it is a little ridiculous. But I love ridiculous.

My most coveted destination is Iceland. If you go to Iceland's website, the first thing you'll encounter is a fabulous description that reads; "Iceland is not just a destination. It is an adventure."

I'll see you there.

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