March 12, 2012

The "Real" World

Well, I've done it. Entered the league of the "real worlders." I have a "real" job, a place to live, a car, and real independence. Annnnd...that's about it. It hasn't been jarring, or scary, or intimidating. But it has been a little lonely. I'm looking forward to meeting some new people so I don't have to have fun by myself :) I certainly have not been bored, but just wish I had someone else to adventure with. The best thing about my job is that I have weekends off. Which means I can visit friends anytime, or they can visit me! And that's been a most wonderful thing. I'm really enjoying Omaha. I've seen some great theatre, visited museum exhibits, and enjoyed living with soul. I promise myself that, no matter what, I will live my life with love coursing through my veins.

In the words of Chris Brown, "don't you be holdin' back your love, don't you be holdin' back."


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